In this video you’ll learn about the Law of Correspondence and its third mechanism – Transfiguration. Transfiguration is also known as “Pipelining” and it occurs when the dominant subconscious thought of one person is acted out by another person who has picked up the energy or “entrained” to the dominant thought. In 1993 an experiment known as the Maharishi Experiment took place in Washington, DC and was scientifically measured. A group of meditators focused only on thoughts of peace for a 24 hr hour period, while the crime rate was  monitored. Crime dropped by 23% during that time. This shows us that we are not only powerful projectors but powerful receivers as well. We would each be well served to ask ourselves how consciously we are choosing our thoughts and what we are projecting that others pipeline and vice versa.

In clinical hypnotherapy when we amend our limiting beliefs, our dominant subconscious programming becomes positive dominant. Then we project that onto our present timeline and begin to experience a more positive life while others around us also pipeline our dominant thoughts and act them out. This appears like behavior change. This is how one person can heal a relationship. It is also how we serve the world around us and influence the collective rise in consciousness. We are literally wired to transmit and receive each other’s dominant subconscious programming.

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