Most goals require between 3, 6 and 9 sessions. We will discuss your unique goal and package at your free 30-minute video consultation over zoom.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
$190.00 USD for 90 minutes. $60 for additional 30 minutes.

These sessions are customized and tailored to the client’s specific goal and include powerful hypnosis with delivery and vibrational anchoring of custom written suggestions in every session. I determine the custom blueprint based on your subconscious mind’s responsiveness. This typically includes multiple regression sessions where we collapse the origin pain points and reframe them with positive resources sourced from your subconscious mind.  We then deliver, anchor and integrate  therapeutic suggestions that ultimately lead to increased positive emotions, changed behaviors and results!

The client learns self-hypnosis along with cutting edge tools and strategies to maintain their newly positive dominant subconscious mind.

3 Sessions $570.00
6 Sessions – $1,140.00
9 sessions – $1,710.00

Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions are for those wanting to expand their lives and business. These are hands on sessions with deeper 1:1 work that includes professional life coaching based on your goal. All sessions are completely customized and focused on where you are now and where you want to grow and expand.

Whether you’re feeling stuck personally, want a new relationship or a happier more harmonious one, advancement in your skill set, more confidence and ability to build your life, we’ll get you moving!  These blended coaching and clinical hypnotherapy sessions will help you magnetize and manifest what you’re after. Sessions are a custom blend of hypnotherapy and professional life coaching. The Path forward is living and working with Passion & Purpose, generating Profit.

Executive Business, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Executive Business, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions are for those already well established in their career who have a lot on their plate, who may be unable to delegate and prioritize their own self-care and may be developing or dealing with some health issues. These sessions are designed for those who want to learn to manage their time and stress better, use their energy wisely and create much needed work-life balance. These custom sessions are deep 1:1 work.

They are designed to assist the client to integrate their unique talents and abilities, whether that’s landing new clients, presenting to the board or expanding your role within the company all while becoming healthier and happier. It all begins with the executive. If the top leadership is not congruent within, your teams can only mirror what you model. A productive, profitable and conscious corporate environment begins with balanced, congruent leadership. I hold a special passion for Conscious Female Leadership. The Path forward is Passion & Purpose in equal proportion to Health, Joy & Happiness.