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I would like to Thank Meg Adamson for her help.  We did six sessions together. I’ve never participated in Hypnotherapy before.  Once we determined my goals, Meg talked me through what the session would detail and the method for achieving my goal.  Meg was always patient and knowledgeable. She asked and answered all questions at the beginning and end of each session.  I have tried several “conventional” therapies before, with little to no improvement.  Being a bit skeptical I booked the six sessions.  After the first session I was hopeful and continued the practice. By the second session, I could feel a slight shift. After the fourth session other people noticed the change in me.  Asking what I was doing different. I looked younger, was calmer, carried myself differently and was healthier.  Thank you again for helping me achieve my goal and improve my life!!!

-Diane Rossi

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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Dearest Meg,

Let me begin with thank-you for offering Hypnotherapy to others on their journey of self-healing. It has been 21 days since our final session and I have followed your suggested self-hypnosis protocol along with listening to my custom audio daily. I have to say I was a wee bit skeptical in the beginning, yet I trust your wisdom so I gifted myself 6 sessions as I really wanted this issue of mine to be released!

I have to say I Am so grateful for the results that just keep gaining momentum for me!  Gone is the gnawing in the pit of my stomach and the internal dialog has been quieted to the point where I breathe a deep sigh of relief!

Meg gave me the tools to maintain my balance once my sessions were complete.  This gives me an inner peace, knowing I can apply those tools anytime I need an extra bit of self-soothing/reminding in any particular moment.

Thank-you Meg, I Am truly grateful for you & your practice.

– Blessings, Brenda

It’s important that you always work with a credentialed and trusted Hypnotherapist. Integral Hypnotherapy is the only hypnotherapy methodology in the current era to to have been scientifically validated by NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded research and I am also certified with the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

This Mayo Clinic article reiterates this clearly. Not all Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained equally. I am amongst the top 5% of educated Clinical Hypnotherapists in North America. It’s always a good idea to research hypnotherapy testimonials.

Thinking about Hypnotherapy but aren’t sure? Read more hypnotherapy testimonials here.

Book your FREE 30-minute consult to discuss your goals today!

My sessions with Meg were incredibly profound, every single one of them. I had what I would call Harry Potter experiences that go beyond our understanding of time/space. In some regression work I remembered as a young child seeing what I thought was a sweet and loving fairy, but I now know it was actually present day me! (Like Harry when he called forth a Patronus because he remembered doing it in the future!) Seriously mind-blowing stuff.

The effects of the sessions have been equally profound. Blocks have disappeared, anxiety around certain issues has melted away and I have a newfound passion and direction for my work. We started working with a business goal in mind and I was so pleased with the results I signed on for more sessions and progressed to a health challenge I have had for over a decade.

In just a few short sessions what I thought was aggressive allergies was really about an incident in my past that I still carried anger and frustration about. Once we did the regression work, I went from the experience of only noticing the times of day when I wasn’t coughing, to the exact opposite, now I only notice when I do cough.  Thanks to Hypnotherapy I have the resources now to notice what is triggering it and bring relief in the moment, understanding what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me through my body. In just one regression session I have cleared what has been with me for over 10 years!

With hypnotherapy you go “under the hood”, you get into the bios of your own programming where you are able to change things.  Your conscious mind is always present during the sessions, but gets to relax and step back, and allow the subconscious to take center stage for a while. This is such a delicious state to be in!

Working with Meg is such a wonderful experience. She is an awesome guide and keen observer, who helps you find the answers tucked away in your own subconscious. And that’s where the magic is!

-Leida Visee

Please never think that it is too late! For the first time in seventy-four years I can trust and love myself. Meg will explain to you how hypnotherapy works but then YOU will create the magic with her skillful and loving guidance. Together, we found that I was holding on to an emotional hurt in my body since I was fourteen months old! During a regression session I became aware that pain in my body from a diagnosis I was given stopped when I made that deep connection. I am in the process of healing now. I do not think nor act the same way and that changed after the very first of my six sessions! This has been MY gift to ME. Deep bow of gratitude to myself and to Meg.

-Francine Noiseux

**UPDATE** After 4 sessions with Meg, I am already seeing things change in my business rapidly! My business is growing, sales are coming as I’m not afraid of my success anymore. I had two powerful incidents; one from my ex-husband and one from my mother that happened years ago, that made me believe that success is not a good thing for a woman and that something terrible would happen if I ever succeeded. Meg guided me through the process and when we found the root of my blockages and did sessions on them, things started to change immediately in my life!

Listen to Meg and do the work she assigns to you. Meg listens to your subconscious mind who speaks, and it knows very well what happened to you and what you need. Meg is amazing at what she is doing! I love her dedication and focus through our sessions. I cannot thank her enough. She changed my life.

-Christiana Bailey

When Meg said she was transforming her practice to include hypnotherapy I couldn’t be more ecstatic!  She has always had a calming way and presence about her that draws people in and makes them feel loved and respected.  When I started listening to her free audio for stress, her voice and manner immediately calmed me and took me into the hypnotic state in  a way that was so peaceful.  I’ve been listening to the audio every night for a few weeks and I’m noticing I am less stressed in my life and my ever changing chaotic schedule is less disruptive. It has been a godsend!  I’m looking forward to our formal sessions soon!!!   I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Meg’s expertise in hypnotherapy as an option for my healing and growth journey.  She truly is amazing and I’m looking forward to the healing I know will occur as we begin our sessions really soon.

-Gina Geldbach-Hall

Meg Adamson may be the catalyst for change you are looking for! She is not only an effective and resourceful Hypnotherapist, but you can feel her warmth holding you in the highest version of yourself. I have grown my idea of what’s possible in terms of healing thanks to her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are ready for change, she is ready to commit 100% to helping you achieve your goals.

-Federico Vallin

Meg is an exceptional facilitator, guide, and clinical hypnotherapist. She’s deeply compassionate, caring, and partners with you to expand your perspective. She patiently educated me about clinical hypnotherapy and all the steps and procedures included in the sessions. She also enlightened me on how my limiting thoughts are holding me back from living my full potential. In every session, she holds a safe space for me to discover those limiting beliefs with no judgments at all. Through decades of her experience of holding safe space for deep transformations, her wise insights, and skilled hypnotherapy techniques she coached me to reverse those limiting beliefs and step into my power. My favorite part of her is her incredibly encouraging nature and the way she empowers me to tap into my own inner resources and wisdom. I already see huge positive shifts in my attitude and life! 

Thank you, Meg, for your genuine support and care. Thank you, for guiding me to joyously work towards my goal with a heart-centered approach! I look forward to our next session to unfold many more treasures. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a skilled, professional, and compassionate Clinical Hypnotherapist to bring positive shifts in their life and reach their goals.

-Neeta Handa

Hi, I’m Christiana, and I have a small business. I’m in the second week of my sessions with Meg and I felt the urge to share my first testimonial about our work together.  I was struggling to feel confidence and comfortable with the thought of my business being successful and as you can imagine, I was sabotaging the evolution of my work in many ways…. unconsciously of course. I knew it was a silly thought but somehow, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get rid of it. So, I ended up in a loop, repeating mistakes and behaviors that didn’t allow me to evolve my business.

And then came Meg! I cannot imagine a more capable person to work with. Her energy is kind, loving but also sharp and crystal clear. This amazing woman knows what she is doing and which ‘buttons” push within you, in order to release whatever blocks you. We have done our second session and already things are shifting. I follow her instructions to the letter and day by day I see big differences in the way I think and feel. The mist around my fears is dissolving and I can see – without anxiousness or fear – how successful my business is becoming. Meg listens to my subconscious mind and helps me reprogram it, overwriting whatever past beliefs hold me back.

Every session is a wonder! I realize things I never could have imagined. Everyday I wake up, I see things differently… without forcing myself to do any progress. Hypnotherapy itself changes me daily and changes my actions to. I have a clear vision about my business model I want and how successful it can be. Step by step I’m changing things, feeling comfortable with whatever I’m doing… when I used to feel only anxiousness and fear.

I’m looking forward to my next session with Meg and I will write more comments as our work evolves. If you are considering trying Hypnotherapy with Meg, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Christiana Bailey

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