I work in a challenging journalism job and over three months of working with Meg, I’ve managed my stress to almost nothing now, written the best work of my life and won an award!

Clinical Hypnotherapy simply works. I just wanted to feel better, this was way more than I ever imagined.

Thank you so much Meg.

~ L. Fisher

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I have been on a spiritual journey for at least 10 years now, and have worked with a lot of different coaches and been exposed to different self-growth/manifestation techniques and modalities. Nothing felt like it was the right fit for me though, I took what resonated for me from all the avenues I came across and applied them in my own way and continued the search for what fits me.

When I had my consultation with Meg, I felt at home, this is what I had been looking for. A modality that felt grounded in both science and spirituality that had a thoughtful approach and that blended everything I had previously learned and more. I have been working with Meg for a few months now, and it has been life changing. It takes the readiness to be vulnerable and honest with yourself, and the ability to overcome your own resistance, but on the other side of that is the gift.   I highly recommend working with Meg, she has a beautiful gift that she is bringing to the world and I see myself continuing this work for the rest of my life. Jump at the chance to work with Meg, you won’t regret it.

~ Karina Shiv

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I see my whole life through a different lens now. It’s like a complete transformation! Hindsight looks completely different. I have peace. I have patience. I am free now to express myself and I have NEVER been able to do that without feeling triggered. I can’t thank you enough Meg.

~ Shelly Arbor-Tellison

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The other day I had my regular session scheduled with Meg.  I was in the midst of a fibromyalgia flare and was having intense diverticulitis pain.  I was a mess and should have cancelled but something told me I had to show up for the session.  Meg asked me some questions about what brought it on and then we got to work.

Just spending the time in that deep hypnotic state made me feel better but I could not believe a couple of hours later- the diverticulitis pain was negligible.  I really had to look for it to feel it.  But the most amazing was the fibromyalgia flair- It was gone, gone, gone! The debilitating pain and brain fog were gone! I was free!

When I am having a flair I always break out in painful blisters that drain for days and are agonizing.  In hypnosis I was given a blue healing salve to put on the blisters.  They never drained again.  It has been a week and there are only some rough spots to remind me that they were there.  I cannot even begin to describe what I felt when I realized that they were gone, that they were not going to cause me pain.  This was an incredible gift. I have that blue salve in my tool box and will pull it out and use it whenever the need arises again.  I am so grateful that Meg Adamson was put in my path.

~ Maria V

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I have been working with Meg for a few months now, and I have seen things really start to transform. The work that we are doing is bringing me back to “ME” and allowing me to enjoy things more in my life. We have worked on releasing thought patterns around trauma, low self-esteem, and other things and I feel like I am stepping into my path of living more for Me with the support of universal energies. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I continue on this journey with Meg!

I have done many other coaching classes for some years and that did make a difference but to certain extent. But Meg’s hypnosis therapy made a huge difference in just 10 sessions, it just changed my world 180 degrees. I would highly recommend anyone to do the hypnosis, but you have to be fully committed to do your work, only then it will make a difference, as we say we clap with both hands.

~ Suresh Shivdasani

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Good Morning Meg,

I hope you are doing well!

Just sending you and update with my lab results.

All T Levels are within normal range.  I have a problem with my T3 level. When adding additional T3 meds – I was flying. However the levels never fell within a normal range with the meds and their side effects.  We stopped that a few year back.  Now, I am within a normal range!

Cholesterol is 190.  My doctor made a comment “of all my years checking cholesterol, I have never had a patient over 60 with this low of a number”!  She was thrilled!

As for my hormone test… EVERYTHING has improved.  Still some work to be done but, heading in the correct direction.

My doctor’s comment was “You are nothing.  Not Graves, not Hashimoto’s.”  I am still on my thyroid medication and hormones but this is the first time I have been within normal range on all my test results in over 30 years.  To me, this speaks volumes!  Will test again in six months.

Thank You AGAIN!!!  May this testimonial have the information someone is looking for – and isn’t sure if this is the path to follow.  I can say – 100% – IT IS the correct path.

~ Diane Rossi

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Good Morning Meg,

This is amazing.  I love hypnosis and getting in touch with my superconscious mind.  The feeling is unbelievable.  What happened yesterday was incredible!  I forgot about love for so long, forgot what it was to be love simply for me.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I feel like a new person and everything is in front of me now.  Unbelievable.  Thank you.


~ Maria

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Hi Meg,

I wanted to take a quick moment to write you a note and say thank you for all of the work we have completed together thus far. I have been blown away with the results. At work my colleagues have gone out of their way to tell me I am doing an excellent job and really performing at a higher capacity.

As we work through trauma points through my childhood I have also seen a distinct difference in my physical appearance. At the age of 17 I had surgery for scoliosis, thus I have two harrington rods in my back and have had them there for over 20 years. I kid you not, my back is starting to stretch and appear straighter. During my healing sessions I set the dial on my back to be at a level 5 and I have seen the physical change take place in front of my eyes. This cannot be made up and I am willing to go get an X-ray to show the difference in my back.

These are just two of the areas that have been so directly affected with your hypnosis treatments. Thank you for being an incredible clinical hypnotherapist. Looking forward to seeing what more we can accomplish.

~ Helen

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My life was about to change and I wasn’t sure I had the tools I needed to be successful.  I had met Meg many years ago and have followed her work so when I found out she had become a licensed hypnotherapist I knew she would be good.  I wasn’t disappointed!  I decided to take on a new role in my life that brought up a lot of past PTSD and I knew if I was going to be successful, I had to break from my previous patterns that had a tendency to derail my happiness.  I didn’t want to struggle any more.  So Meg and I started working together and I would say after the second session, I felt noticeably better.  It just got better from there.  We worked together on and off for a year and I would say my life has done a 180.  Not only am I doing better at work and feeling better about myself, but my husband says daily he likes the changes too.

I’ve done decades of personal growth work and while it has changed many aspects of my life, I still could get on the hamster wheel playing out the past over and over again.  It was frustrating and I felt like I had become a seminar junkie looking for my mental fix.  When I started with Meg, I wasn’t confident it would work but I had tried everything else so why not try this too.  The difference for me is hypnotherapy went to the root of the problem and Meg was able to reprogram my brain in a way that didn’t just ‘fix it’ but it healed it to almost the point I now forget things even happened.  Old family drama, not triggering anymore, PTSD gone, feeling like I wasn’t good enough- a thing of the past.  I was able to complete work with Meg that I had only been able to dance around in the past.  It’s a great feeling to be unburdened by that old programming.

Now, don’t think this work is a ‘close yours eyes and all will be better’ thing.  I had to commit to doing a daily practice of affirmations and morning and evening audio recordings.  At first it was a struggle for me and I have to give it to Meg, she never let me weasel out of it or compromise the work and for that I am thankful. She could see the end results before I could and created a loving space for me to come to it myself.  I’ve come to enjoy my practices each day and look forward to unwinding and finding that inner peace.  I even did my practice during a massage and it was the best one I ever had!

Seriously, this was the BEST gift I could have ever given myself.  Meg made me whole again, confident, outgoing and self-assured.  I’m looking forward to my new position coming up and I am going in with more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life.  She is amazing, talented, and gifted.  She changed my life forever.  Thank you Meg, I will be eternally grateful for all you have done for me, you changed my life…

~ Gina Geldbach-Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada

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My dad and I have had a difficult relationship since I was a kid. We both signed up to do our own individual hypnotherapy sessions with Meg to clear our own issues. And through my work with Meg we discovered that a lot of my issues rooted back to the way my dad treated me when I was a kid.

These discoveries led me to instigating conversations with my dad to find out why he put so much pressure on me and gave me so much shit from a young age. Because he was also doing sessions with Meg, he was able to explore himself and realized that he was holding on to suppressed memories from his dad, which he projected onto me from a young age.

This realization gave me the specific understanding I needed to truly forgive him and let go of my anger towards him. Working with Meg has led us to completely shift our relationship, and I now have a loving and supportive relationship with my dad in my late 30’s.

~ Vik Shivdasani

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Meg Adamson is a Superstar!

I have been working with Meg for about three months now. And I can safely say that my life has changed completely. All my friends tell me that I am a completely different person now, for the better. I have a lot more confidence, I am more peaceful, happier, and feel powerful.  I have stepped out of my shell!

There have been so many changes in my body and my health. We have not even started working on medical hypnotherapy, but just by working on my emotional issues, my thyroid has already started improving.

For the last five years, after my divorce, I have sought help from many life coaches and spent a lot of money but nothing helped. Then I met Meg and everything changed in just 3 short months!

I have recommended Meg to so many of my friends, not because I want to help Meg with clients, but because I want to help my friends heal.

If you have emotional issues or medical issues, I highly, highly recommend Meg Adamson!

~ Saju Vaswani

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I called Meg to ask for help due to money issues. The biggest problem with money issues is that sometimes you cannot ask for help because you don’t have the means. But she encouraged me from the very beginning, and I was convinced that we would do this together.

During our sessions I discovered many things about myself. I discovered, most importantly, I discovered that the problem was not even about money, but my life’s purpose, my powers, and my fears around my powers. I am a regression therapist and spiritual healer but I was so afraid of declaring or advertising myself as one. Now I am very comfortable with that. I can tell anyone. Before I would worry what people would think of me, would they make fun of me, or would I be in trouble for being involved in such things, etc. We discovered the roots of these fears and I also found out that nothing is what it seems to be, so I made peace with those memories and those people.

I enjoyed the benefits of working with Meg in many areas of my life. For example, I was feeling stuck about my PhD dissertation. I wasn’t even sure if I could finish it. Now I am writing it with great joy. It was an amazing experience to work with Meg. Each week I looked forward to our session, and I will miss working with her…

~ Göksu Günay

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I came to Meg to work on growing my business. In 9 sessions I’ve already manifested $10,000 this month! Meg helped me uncover my core beliefs about myself and about money and change them. So grateful!

~Lindsay Holmes

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I sought out Meg after many years of not sleeping well, having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, nightmares suffered from childhood and that would wake me up in panic, and then this last year or so unable to sleep in my own bedroom!   I have a new home in the open concept style so my bedroom is in the back of the house and I was so uncomfortable that I slept on the couch facing the front door most nights as I needed to know I was closer to the street side.

With Megs help and the hypnotherapy work, after 6 weeks I was able to sleep much more soundly without nightmares and have been getting usually 6-7 hours of sleep per night which is a huge change from maybe 4!  I also look forward to sleeping in my own bed now and find I have no desire or need to sleep on the couch facing the front door and street side! I feel calmer and safe now and capable of accomplishing more of what I set out to do each day.

The work with Meg has been and is so enlightening and healing for me and the techniques bring me such comfort and support now.  Thanks Meg for helping me get more of myself back!

~Carol Harris

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Dear Meg,

When I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent in the past ten years on coaching, healing, readings and trainings, I don’t even want to say how much that cost, and in 8 sessions I can’t believe how different I am and feel!

I no longer spend time with those who disrespect me, I feel so good in my body and I love myself again. I really love myself.  Your work has changed my life and I’m never going back! I’m telling everyone I know about you. My depression and sadness are completely gone and I am now modeling to my daughters what loving yourself and your life looks like.

So, you’ve not only helped me, you’re helping the next generation too!


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The Power of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Accelerated Healing.

Hi Meg,

I’m happy to inform you that I just went to see my surgeon and he said that the bone looks amazing!  There’s no crack anymore it has been filled up and he feels that this is not a 6-week x-ray it’s a 12 week x-ray. Yayyyy!


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Dear Meg,

For the first time I can now think of my dad without crippling emotion or being entirely affected. I have more memories and I can see the timeline of events with my sisters and mum and their dysfunctional behavior around my dad’s illness and how it initially affected me as a byproduct and was not about me or done to me purposely.

I see now how my dad gave me all the special attention he could during that time and I realize now it wasn’t only about me. As a loving parent I can see now that he was capturing all he could with me in the time he had left!

You gave me the capability to see the wider picture through adult loving eyes for the FIRST TIME. I could release the anger, confusion, guilt and pain of my 13 year old self and it’s helped me gain so much understanding, admiration, respect and empathy for my two sisters and my mum.

My prison of hell for 43 years blinded me. I see them all so differently now.

You have not only set me free of the many chains around this event, you also gave me the gift of new memories and a better bond with my mum and sisters and well, it’s made me a better evolving version of myself. My work with you has had a ripple effect on everything in my life!

With gratefulness and much love xxx


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Dear Meg,

I am beyond thrilled to report that I did not have a single emotional outburst or melt down the entire time I traveled! 22 days of travel and I was calm, happy and even. In the past I would stuff it down, stuff it down and hold myself together until I blew.

I felt calm, peaceful, held, protected, relaxed and happy. I found myself floating in a pool without a thought, just happy, not needing attention from anyone, just being. This is a totally new feeling for me.

Thank you for helping me. You have totally changed my life for forever.


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I saw a big difference while traveling. I wasn’t afraid to look at the other travelers or let them see me. I wasn’t hyper vigilant. I was calm and felt safe. I slept so well on the plane!


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I suffered with insomnia and nightmares for decades. Decades! I did talk therapy for years. In 8 sessions with Meg I now sleep a total of 7- 8 hours every night, in my bed, peacefully.  I’m still in such awe and gratitude for Meg and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

~Sandra Betterman

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