Have you ever felt like you simply don’t fit into the world around you and you want so much more out of your life?

Do you look around and wonder why things feel restricted, tight uncomfortable and stressful?

Like you’re here, working hard but there’s a big part missing? The part that feels easier, guided, knowing?

The receiving part…

There is.

What if I told you that your discomfort is your sign of being ready?

Ready for the change that leads you back to yourself.

It can be confusing because the world doesn’t look like where you’re meant to go..

What if I told you that’s a sign that you’re meant to change the world around you?

That you’re the one.

When you’re ready for more, more reveals itself to you.

It’s the inner yearning that leads you straight to it.

That inner yearning has an energy. A current.

Feminine energetics has nothing to do with feminine energy or being a woman. It has everything to do with manifestation, balance, confidence, identity shifting and leadership.

When you understand the current, you live from the perspective of flow.

We were taught to go after our dreams, just keep showing up, do more, focus more, take more action and eventually it will all come to us.

There is some truth in that…but it’s missing the most important ingredient.

It’s like baking a cake but missing the ingredients that make it rise.

It’s hustle culture. Hurry up and bake more and more cakes!

This model doesn’t work. This model only works for corporations and big organizations who run on hundreds or thousands working for them baking cakes!

We are designed to live in a consistent flow of balance between masculine and feminine energetics. To feel connected, aligned, inspired, capable and supported. To bring our unique vision and expression to the whole.

But we don’t trust it. We don’t know how to access it. We want someone else to change or make it work for us. When what we really want is to find it for ourselves and feel illuminated, inspired, prosperous, joyful, healthy and free!

Current is a 9-Module Master Course that guides you through the process of untangling your blocks at the root and teaches you how to live in alignment with the current. Every module will include lecture and custom written hypnosis for deep integration.

Self-leadership and community are the path ahead.

It’s time for new leadership on the planet. Feminine Leadership.

Leadership that flows with the powerful current that knows you, your soul’s path and where you’re meant to go.

Self-Leadership that aligns with manifestation.

Leadership that creates communities of equal capability and personal power.

Is now your moment to take responsibility for your future and learn to lead yourself?

Current will teach you an energetic sequence that simply does not operate in the energetics of today’s world model.

Current  is where alignment with purpose resides…

Current  is where thought and matter meet…

Current  is where you are the one and nothing can ever be the same again…

$1,333 USD

Canadian Thanksgiving Flash Sale! $111 until Oct 10, 2023.
3 Spaces left!

November 4 Launch!

Calls will be held LIVE online over zoom video, Saturday mornings at 11:00am Eastern Time due to my full client schedule.
A call schedule is provided upon registration. Recordings available directly after.

I lead small containers with multiple opportunities for Q & A, Hot Seats and personalized attention.

Replays available immediately after live presentations. Access for one full year!

We are going to complete 2023 on such high energy together!

Testimonials from Meg’s recent program Magnetic

“Magnetic” was a life-changing experience for me. I’ve taken several courses with Meg over the years and loved them all. However, this one was off the charts. I can honestly say that I am a different person now- more joyful, trusting of myself and the Universe, and much more confident. In the past I struggled with self-doubt. Thanks to this course, that doubt has been replaced by peace and joy.”

-Lynne Klippel

“When I started this course, I did not know what to expect. Along the way, I started feeling myself change. By the time we hit the three last sessions, I could really “feel” the changes and I knew that I had been altered forever. The whole course is a map for living my life FOR ME, which is not what I had been doing. Even when Meg said, “You’re the ONE” the first time, it felt odd. Now, after the course and even before it was over, I have that attitude and I practice that principle. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m on my way. I am now “Magnetic”.

-Francine Noiseux

“I have had several transformational experiences in my work with Meg, but this one really tops it all – so far! Strong patterns from the past have been blown wide open, barriers that I never seemed to be able to cross have broken, and the wisdom and the insight that flowed in… truly mind blowing. Meg is an amazing guide, talking you by the hand and showing the way, but never walking the road for you. That is our own responsibility, and our power. And powerful it is, beyond what I ever thought possible. ”

– Leida Visee