When Meg said she was transforming her practice to include hypnotherapy I couldn’t be more ecstatic!  She has always had a calming way and presence about her that draws people in and makes them feel loved and respected.  When I started listening to her free audio for stress, her voice and manner immediately calmed me and took me into the hypnotic state in  a way that was so peaceful.  I’ve been listening to the audio every night for a few weeks and I’m noticing I am less stressed in my life and my ever changing chaotic schedule is less disruptive. It has been a godsend!  I’m looking forward to our formal sessions soon!!!   I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Meg’s expertise in hypnotherapy as an option for my healing and growth journey.  She truly is amazing and I’m looking forward to the healing I know will occur as we begin our sessions really soon.

-Gina Geldbach-Hall