In this month’s segment I speak about the emotional root of pain. So, what is pain and how do we begin to resolve it?

Pain often times represents protection or pleasure. As odd as that sounds. We have to remember that it’s unconscious and it stems from an emotional component.

For example, I worked with a client who was experiencing chronic pain in her lower back and she would say “it feels like my back is ripping apart.” As we began working together I discovered that in her past, she’d gone through a tough split with her ex-husband. There were two children involved and she explained that there had been a nasty division of assets and her ex didn’t want the divorce, so it went on for a while.

A few years later she was living happily with her two daughters, but as soon as she started thinking about dating again, her back problems began.

Doctors didn’t see anything on x-rays or scans but the pain was very real! The cause however wasn’t a malfunctioning body, the cause was her subconscious mind trying to protect her from her highly emotionalized unconscious belief that another relationship could cause her pain if things didn’t work out and they had to separate.

Hear it? Pain, separation, ripping apart?

There is so much more….

Let’s dive in!


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