In this month’s focus video I speak about the massive changes underway and the progress we make through great change. Last month I spoke of a collective grief many are feeling since the pandemic, an inner knowing that life is simply not returning back to the “normal” that existed before the pandemic hit. But what if that was doing us a great service? We’ll get into it.

I also speak about how society has trained us away from developing a deep and trusting relationship with our own inner knowing. The question is why? The answer in my opinion is because if we don’t ever develop or trust our own abilities to thrive, then someone else is always the authority of us. That is very powerful and we are beginning to correct that on a global scale now. Change is required for that inner realignment because when you are not your own authority, you’ve lost your connection to the beliefs that YOU create the outcome of your life, not anyone else. Imagine the possibilities of that?

The world is changing… I also reveal the top 5 ranked concerns from the results of the Randstad survey taken from 35,000 people in 15 countries. The pandemic has led people to reassess the meaning of work in their lives and their subsequent happiness.
The results are astounding.

Let’s dive in!


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