In this month’s video segment, I decided to back burner my original topic and speak to current events. As the world is reacting to the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, there is a collective stress response. It is so very important at times like these to have tools and resources to help manage our emotional well-being.

In this video I take you through a very important self-process, where we slow down and we really take the time to tune in and witness how your mind and subsequently your body are responding personally. This is key. There is a moment, a precious moment, where all of us around the globe bearing witness to more human suffering, can turn inward and see where we are accepting or deciding something that suffering means about us..

I believe, that if we could all begin to take responsibility for our own emotions and past wounds that create futures, we could change our own world and thus the collective world.

At heightened times like these I remind myself that the Maharishi Experiment conducted in Washington DC in the 1990’s (where a group of trained meditators practiced holding the resolve of peace within them) resulted in the crime rate dropping 23%!

In Clinical Hypnotherapy this is called Transfiguration. It’s part of the Law of Correspondence. Projection, (we project what we believe to be true) Attraction (our minds find the evidence to verify the projection) and Transfiguration (we express that energy naturally and it has a ripple effect on the environment around us.)

What happens to you in the very moment you respond to what you are witnessing, tends to be sped up and the world trajectory changes from that one response.

I thought slowing that moment down, witnessing it and taking responsibility for it was a very worthy conversation to have.

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This video is not intended to disrespect anyone’s beliefs in any way. It is an offering of resources from a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help provide access to one’s own inner resources, engage parasympathetic drive and assist nervous system regulation.

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