My sessions with Meg were incredibly profound, every single one of them. I had what I would call Harry Potter experiences that go beyond our understanding of time/space. In some regression work I remembered as a young child seeing what I thought was a sweet and loving fairy, but I now know it was actually present day me! (Like Harry when he called forth a Patronus because he remembered doing it in the future!) Seriously mind-blowing stuff.

The effects of the sessions have been equally profound. Blocks have disappeared, anxiety around certain issues has melted away and I have a newfound passion and direction for my work. We started working with a business goal in mind and I was so pleased with the results I signed on for more sessions and progressed to a health challenge I have had for over a decade.

In just a few short sessions what I thought was aggressive allergies was really about an incident in my past that I still carried anger and frustration about. Once we did the regression work, I went from the experience of only noticing the times of day when I wasn’t coughing, to the exact opposite, now I only notice when I do cough.  Thanks to Hypnotherapy I have the resources now to notice what is triggering it and bring relief in the moment, understanding what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me through my body. In just one regression session I have cleared what has been with me for over 10 years!

With hypnotherapy you go “under the hood”, you get into the bios of your own programming where you are able to change things.  Your conscious mind is always present during the sessions, but gets to relax and step back, and allow the subconscious to take center stage for a while. This is such a delicious state to be in!

Working with Meg is such a wonderful experience. She is an awesome guide and keen observer, who helps you find the answers tucked away in your own subconscious. And that’s where the magic is!

-Leida Visee