The other day I had my regular session scheduled with Meg.  I was in the midst of a fibromyalgia flare and was having intense diverticulitis pain.  I was a mess and should have cancelled but something told me I had to show up for the session.  Meg asked me some questions about what brought it on and then we got to work.

Just spending the time in that deep hypnotic state made me feel better but I could not believe a couple of hours later- the diverticulitis pain was negligible.  I really had to look for it to feel it.  But the most amazing was the fibromyalgia flair- It was gone, gone, gone! The debilitating pain and brain fog were gone! I was free!

When I am having a flair I always break out in painful blisters that drain for days and are agonizing.  In hypnosis I was given a blue healing salve to put on the blisters.  They never drained again.  It has been a week and there are only some rough spots to remind me that they were there.  I cannot even begin to describe what I felt when I realized that they were gone, that they were not going to cause me pain.  This was an incredible gift. I have that blue salve in my tool box and will pull it out and use it whenever the need arises again.  I am so grateful that Meg Adamson was put in my path.

~ Maria V

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