Meg is an exceptional facilitator, guide, and clinical hypnotherapist. She’s deeply compassionate, caring, and partners with you to expand your perspective. She patiently educated me about clinical hypnotherapy and all the steps and procedures included in the sessions. She also enlightened me on how my limiting thoughts are holding me back from living my full potential. In every session, she holds a safe space for me to discover those limiting beliefs with no judgments at all. Through decades of her experience of holding safe space for deep transformations, her wise insights, and skilled hypnotherapy techniques she coached me to reverse those limiting beliefs and step into my power. My favorite part of her is her incredibly encouraging nature and the way she empowers me to tap into my own inner resources and wisdom. I already see huge positive shifts in my attitude and life! 

Thank you, Meg, for your genuine support and care. Thank you, for guiding me to joyously work towards my goal with a heart-centered approach! I look forward to our next session to unfold many more treasures. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a skilled, professional, and compassionate Clinical Hypnotherapist to bring positive shifts in their life and reach their goals.

-Neeta Handa