As seen on the GlobalLight Broadcast produced by, a monthly internet tv show that reaches tens of thousands of people around the globe free of charge, with the initiative of spreading personal empowerment.

In this month’s segment I want to speak about how to use appreciation and self-love as the tools to create the path forward, as we practice believing in our future so that we can see and manifest our future. Appreciation and self-love are deeply intermingled together and when we are actively in that state, our brain releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone) and our subconscious mind gets to work orchestrating all of the necessary people, places and things that match that state, in effect creating our future that we walk into.

When we receive nurturing we feel safe, our bodies are in parasympathetic drive and we have resources. Blood flow is healthy and flourishing to the immune system, digestive system, reproductive system and the prefrontal cortex of our brain, where we make decisions – and our higher thinking mind. We have better gut microbiome from having loving conversations with ourselves. Why? Because our bodies are in parasympathetic drive and our subconscious mind governs over our bodies.

In addition I share a client story about the power of actively engaging our subconscious and superconscious mind that is so amazingly powerful and completely heartwarming that you simply have to watch the video to hear it.

From healing, to thriving, it all revolves around your subconscious mind and understanding how to work with it.

Let’s dive in!

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