In this month’s segment I speak about the connection between our unconscious learning that we don’t deserve love and kindness and our habitual negative self-talk that influences our perception of reality, our identity and our ability to create our future in a way that brings us joy.

Science has shown that growing up with not enough acceptance and too much shame, we learn to hide what we believe are our shortcomings, character flaws and failures. We learn to minimize the good about ourselves and all of our positive qualities and lower our expectations for our future. Scientists call this a “negative bias.”

To turn this around, we can learn to embrace our feelings, see growth as a positive, develop emotional resilience and change our self-talk. When we break our unconscious patterns, we start to direct our own future, the way we want to experience it.

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This video is not intended to disrespect anyone’s beliefs in any way. It is an offering of resources from a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help provide access to one’s own inner resources, engage parasympathetic drive and assist nervous system regulation.

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