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In this month’s segment I unpack how we cannot “out will” our programming. When we have subconscious (unconscious) beliefs determining the outcome of our day, every day, (see last month’s segment “We Are What We Believe” on how neuroscience now states that by the time we are 35 we are a set of memorized behaviors and beliefs) they sabotage our attempts at success at every turn. Not because we failed or aren’t capable, but because we had experiences in our past that our subconscious mind has prioritized to keep you from ever experiencing again, in order to keep you safe. Our subconscious mind does two incredibly important things, it believes the dominant of two beliefs and it generalizes. This is key to understand.

I break it all down into bite-sized pieces and take you through an exercise to locate what your negative belief about money is and show you how it’s tied to your core value. This is the golden ticket to unlocking your personal beliefs and reprogramming them.

Your gifts are needed now more than ever. The world needs what you have to offer. It’s time to stop struggling and step into an ease and flow of doing what you came here to do, and living healthy and prosperous doing so.

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