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In this video I report on recent research presented by Dr. Daniel Amen, board certified Psychiatrist, Dr.’s David and Austin Perlmutter, board certified Neurologist and Internal Medicine Doctor, respectively, along with Dr. Mark Hyman,  showing that being exposed to chronic stress is rewiring the brain to favor the types of activities that favor chronic stress!

Furthermore, chronic stress creates inflammation in the brain that disables the prefrontal cortex. The neurons shrivel up when exposed to chronic stress, and in the amygdala they expand, creating more dendritic branches, creating more connection, in the amygdala where you don’t want that. So, in essence, being in chronic stress kills the brain cells that help you make decisions, and it makes the ones grow in the fight or flight part of your brain, where you can be angry and divisive.

This is ground breaking stuff…and….Hypnotherapy can help! Tune in, this is one you don’t want to miss!

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