In this month’s segment I speak about illness and our perception of time. So often in today’s society, illness is treated as an inconvenience, rather than the important conversation it is at the subconscious level of our minds. We all have basic human needs; the need for safety, shelter, food and clothing, the need for community and connection and the need for contribution. When we are experiencing any form of illness, short or chronic, there is an inherent conditioning within us to hurry up and get back to “normal”. 

The question isn’t “how quickly can I fix this and get back to my linear pressure cooker life”,  but rather, “what does my spirit, my soul, my inner knowing want me to know? To release? To forgive? To heal?”  We are not taught that illness is a conversation.

Being inconvenienced, trying to control it and rush through it, is actually an attempt to ignore the wisdom that created you. The wisdom within your subconscious mind, that is trying to share with you through the manifestation of the illness or condition, as a means to dialogue with you.

How do you think pushing it aside or denying/ ignoring it is going to go?

What you manifest physically is not random…

Watch the video as I break it all down.

Thank you for being here, for being who you are, and no matter what you are currently dealing with, know that you are not doing something wrong, you just don’t have all the information yet…


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