Recently I saw an interview with Drew Barrymore and Jay Shetty where Drew emotionally asked “how do I learn to receive love again?”
I think Drew was asking this question not only for herself but on behalf of millions of women and I applaud her vulnerability and authenticity.
I felt a really strong emotional hit to respond to this question from a clinical hypnotherapy perspective and bring some additional thoughts, insights and tools to the table.
How do we learn to receive love again is really asking, “how do I get to a place where I feel safe enough to let someone in and not be afraid that my heart will be hurt again?”
Watch the video and if you heard something valuable in it or if you know someone who needs to hear it, please share and tag me on social media.
Women are going to change the world and we begin by changing ourselves first.
Lots of love,

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This video is not intended to disrespect anyone’s beliefs in any way. It is an offering of resources from a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help provide access to one’s own inner resources, engage parasympathetic drive and assist nervous system regulation.

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