I had always wanted to do a past life regression but was scared.  I was scared of what I would find but mostly would the person leading me truly be able to help me.  I have been working with Meg for several years and lately with hypnosis.  When she suggested a regression, I knew that I was in safe hands.  It was one of the most profound episodes of my life because it ultimately answered so many questions I had.  But, the actual time in the regression was intense to say the least.  I felt the anxiety, the fear, the pain, the loss, the surrender, as if I was there but I knew I was safe and it wasn’t hurting me now. Meg’s calming but powerful voice was with me guiding me, bringing me above the situation when it got too intense.  She reassured me so that I could keep going to uncover what I was looking for.

For years, I had been trapped in reliving a cycle of guilt, perceived responsibility and fear and I never knew why.  I did know though, that it was costing me quality of life.  This regression explained sooo much.  It shed light on some very deep corners of my psyche which in turn has allowed me to heal some very debilitating thought patterns and consequently behaviors. I have had ” a ha” moments. I came out from under a rock.  I have a new day ahead of me.  No, not everything is solved but I now know what it is and how to work towards healing it.  I have a direction- I have a north star now.  Before, I was lost in a maze, now I have the stars guiding me- that is how I feel about the regression work that I did with Meg.
For anyone who is scared of what they may feel or find, trust Meg. She will guide you safely through it and then help you to heal the situation.  I feel so blessed that this work came into my path.  I still may feel pain or anger but I understand it now.  I control it- it doesn’t control me.  I am free.
Thank you Meg
With much love and peace,


It’s important that you always work with a credentialed and trusted Hypnotherapist. Integral Hypnotherapy is the only hypnotherapy methodology in the current era to to have been scientifically validated by NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded research and I am also certified with the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

This Mayo Clinic article reiterates this clearly. Not all Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained equally. I am amongst the top 5% of educated Clinical Hypnotherapists in North America. It’s always a good idea to research hypnotherapy testimonials.

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