I would like to Thank Meg Adamson for her help.  We did six sessions together. I’ve never participated in Hypnotherapy before.  Once we determined my goals, Meg talked me through what the session would detail and the method for achieving my goal.  Meg was always patient and knowledgeable. She asked and answered all questions at the beginning and end of each session.  I have tried several “conventional” therapies before, with little to no improvement.  Being a bit skeptical I booked the six sessions.  After the first session I was hopeful and continued the practice. By the second session, I could feel a slight shift. After the fourth session other people noticed the change in me.  Asking what I was doing different. I looked younger, was calmer, carried myself differently and was healthier.  Thank you again for helping me achieve my goal and improve my life!!!

-Diane Rossi

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