Good Morning Meg,

I hope you are doing well!

Just sending you and update with my lab results.

All T Levels are within normal range.  I have a problem with my T3 level. When adding additional T3 meds – I was flying. However the levels never fell within a normal range with the meds and their side effects.  We stopped that a few year back.  Now, I am within a normal range!

Cholesterol is 190.  My doctor made a comment “of all my years checking cholesterol, I have never had a patient over 60 with this low of a number”!  She was thrilled!

As for my hormone test… EVERYTHING has improved.  Still some work to be done but, heading in the correct direction.

My doctor’s comment was “You are nothing.  Not Graves, not Hashimoto’s.”  I am still on my thyroid medication and hormones but this is the first time I have been within normal range on all my test results in over 30 years.  To me, this speaks volumes!  Will test again in six months.

Thank You AGAIN!!!  May this testimonial have the information someone is looking for – and isn’t sure if this is the path to follow.  I can say – 100% – IT IS the correct path.

~ Diane Rossi

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