My dad and I have had a difficult relationship since I was a kid. We both signed up to do our own individual hypnotherapy sessions with Meg to clear our own issues. And through my work with Meg we discovered that a lot of my issues rooted back to the way my dad treated me when I was a kid.

These discoveries led me to instigating conversations with my dad to find out why he put so much pressure on me and gave me so much shit from a young age. Because he was also doing sessions with Meg, he was able to explore himself and realized that he was holding on to suppressed memories from his dad, which he projected onto me from a young age.

This realization gave me the specific understanding I needed to truly forgive him and let go of my anger towards him. Working with Meg has led us to completely shift our relationship, and I now have a loving and supportive relationship with my dad in my late 30’s.

~ Vik Shivdasani

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