I called Meg to ask for help due to money issues. The biggest problem with money issues is that sometimes you cannot ask for help because you don’t have the means. But she encouraged me from the very beginning, and I was convinced that we would do this together.

During our sessions I discovered many things about myself. I discovered, most importantly, I discovered that the problem was not even about money, but my life’s purpose, my powers, and my fears around my powers. I am a regression therapist and spiritual healer but I was so afraid of declaring or advertising myself as one. Now I am very comfortable with that. I can tell anyone. Before I would worry what people would think of me, would they make fun of me, or would I be in trouble for being involved in such things, etc. We discovered the roots of these fears and I also found out that nothing is what it seems to be, so I made peace with those memories and those people.

I enjoyed the benefits of working with Meg in many areas of my life. For example, I was feeling stuck about my PhD dissertation. I wasn’t even sure if I could finish it. Now I am writing it with great joy. It was an amazing experience to work with Meg. Each week I looked forward to our session, and I will miss working with her…

~ Göksu Günay

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