I sought out Meg after many years of not sleeping well, having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, nightmares suffered from childhood and that would wake me up in panic, and then this last year or so unable to sleep in my own bedroom!   I have a new home in the open concept style so my bedroom is in the back of the house and I was so uncomfortable that I slept on the couch facing the front door most nights as I needed to know I was closer to the street side.

With Megs help and the hypnotherapy work, after 6 weeks I was able to sleep much more soundly without nightmares and have been getting usually 6-7 hours of sleep per night which is a huge change from maybe 4!  I also look forward to sleeping in my own bed now and find I have no desire or need to sleep on the couch facing the front door and street side! I feel calmer and safe now and capable of accomplishing more of what I set out to do each day.

The work with Meg has been and is so enlightening and healing for me and the techniques bring me such comfort and support now.  Thanks Meg for helping me get more of myself back!

~Carol Harris

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