Date: April 13 & 20, 2024 plus Module I Free Master Class (April 5) included. Please watch before attending.
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Saturday’s at 11:00am
Eastern Time

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes per module.
Where: Live online over zoom video.
Replays available directly after. Access for 90 days.


We received all kinds of programming about life when we were children, not all of it positive. Do you remember how your parent’s handled your emotions? They didn’t know any better because their parents didn’t know any better.

We did not grow up with any understanding of our emotions, our subconscious mind, or our ability to communicate and create. So we’re all walking around with thoughts and beliefs and mixed up emotions, creating mixed up manifestations and wondering why it’s a big mess.

In this 2 Module Master Course, you’re going to learn some of the most important information about your emotions, energy, energy sequencing and manifestation that has the ability to change how you live your life.

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There is no prerequisite for this event. If you have never experienced hypnosis before, I highly recommend that you sign up for my newsletter and download the free hypnosis audio for stress. Listen to it 1x daily and that will prepare your mind to respond beautifully to this upcoming event.