Date: November 4, 2023 Launch
Saturday’s at 11:00am
Eastern Time

Duration: 90-120 minutes per.
Where: Live online over zoom video.
Replays available directly after. Access for one full year!


We were taught to go after our dreams, just keep showing up, do more, focus more, take more action and eventually it will all come to us. There is some truth in that…but it’s missing the most important ingredient.

It’s like baking a cake but missing the ingredients that make it rise. It’s hustle culture. Hurry up and bake more and more cakes!

This model doesn’t work. This model only works for corporations and big organizations who run on hundreds or thousands working for them baking cakes!

We are designed to live in a consistent flow of balance between masculine and feminine energetics. To feel connected, aligned, inspired, capable and supported. To bring our unique vision and expression to the whole.

But we don’t trust it. We don’t know how to access it. We want someone else to change or to make it work for us. When what we really want is to find it for ourselves and feel illuminated, inspired, prosperous, joyful, healthy and free!

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There is no prerequisite for this event. If you have never experienced hypnosis before, I highly recommend that you sign up for my newsletter and download the free hypnosis audio for stress. Listen to it 1x daily and that will prepare your mind to respond beautifully to this upcoming event.