It’s time to take back your sense of peace. Based on recent scientific research, being exposed to chronic stress is causing inflammation all throughout our bodies and particularly in the prefrontal cortex of our brains. Research is showing that being exposed to chronic stress is literally rewiring the brain to favor the activities that favor chronic stress!  If you haven’t yet watched the video segment I did for’s GlobalLight internet television show, I highly recommend that you do. I state all the research and tie it all together. You can view it here.

This was jaw dropping research with staggering implications. It also explains the rising anger, division and escalating negative human emotions we continue to see in the world now. It prompted me to create this customized hypnosis audio recording, with 36 powerful therapeutic suggestions designed to reduce stress, deepen relaxation and promote body and mind wellness. It reprograms your subconscious mind, which in turn directs your autonomic nervous system, and your body follows. The result is a new positive dominant subconscious mind with a newfound relationship to yourself and your whole body.

So, even while the research shows that exposure to chronic stress is rewiring the brain to favor stress, Hypnotherapy can bring the powerful remedy to create the opposite. We create deep, peaceful rejuvenating relaxation, with a positive mind and healthy body. We counteract the exposure to stress and program the subconscious mind to seek peace, health and joyful activities and experiences.

It is intended to be listened to twice a day, everyday to significantly impact your subconscious mind and therefore your physical and mental experience of life.

I, myself have incorporated this one into my own daily practice and I sure hope that you do too.

Format: Mp3 Audio Recording
Length: 36 minutes