Most of us have subconscious programming telling us that we are lacking. Either we are not good enough, or worthy, or intelligent enough or lovable, etc. These stem from incidents that happened in our past that we did not have resources for at the time they occurred. Until we amend those beliefs, our present perceptions are still being projected from those programmed beliefs in our subconscious mind.

In this Self-Hypnosis audio recording I guide you into a deeply relaxing hypnotic state, assisting you to shift effectively from sympathetic drive into parasympathetic drive, where the body returns to homeostasis (balance.)

While in the hypnotic state you will receive 33 powerful therapeutic suggestions designed to increase your confidence and self-love. These hypnotic suggestions will help you to release your limited beliefs and fill your subconscious mind with new confidence, self-worth and self-love programming. Our unlimited potential lies in the beliefs we have about ourself.

The benefits of this programming are accumulative so it is recommended that you listen to it twice a day every day; once in the morning and again in the evening.

This recording can be used alone or alternated with Abundance & Success, as they compliment one another beautifully.

Format: Mp3 Audio Recording
Length: 40 minutes