This is a really important function of clinical hypnotherapy, because whatever is currently activated and creating a response within you is actively drawing more of that directly to you. So, in understanding this, we need to bring the right resources to the active circumstances, in order to influence the preferred outcomes that we want.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have!

I had a client come to me with a goal of launching a thriving healing center. In a recent session my client shared that she had been informed by her office management company that due to an issue with some faulty plumbing (causing toilets to back up in neighboring office suites), they were going to have to drill three feet down through concrete flooring and tunnel right through the middle of her almost ready to launch healing center! We actively worked together to understand the clients underlying root cause of her response rather than “normalizing” it.  Our conscious mind can analyze and justify our emotions and routinely does. Of course, it’s completely normal that news such as this would send anyone into shock and dismay, however, when we understand our personal emotional response and where we learned it, we can unravel it and reprogram it.

During the regression to the root of where the client learned this behavior, (from mom, with more details I am not at liberty to share due to client confidentiality) a beautiful transformation occurred. The client was able to release her automatic (and unconscious) need to micromanage and control the situation, and instead embraced her true nature. Her unlimited nature. In essence, her power. While in hypnosis, (the best way to program your subconscious mind) she affirmed that “things just work out for her” and that she now respects the Universal flow of abundant positive resources continuously flowing to her and to others.

This was a really important distinction that we can all learn from. When we respect the Universal Law of Divine Order, we begin to understand that everyone has access to positive resources, therefore, we are only responsible for ourselves and our own emotional responses. When we try to control the outcome of anything or anyone, or project our attempt to control via anger, judgement, etc, we are going against this powerful current, which only leads to more challenges and more emotional responses. It’s an exhausting loop! Not to mention, when we feel we are responsible for others, we are disrespecting their life journey, lessons and path (but that’s a different article for another time.)

When the subconscious mind receives the new instructions and the original pattern (programming from a learned repetitive behavior) has been collapsed, the new suggestions become the new reality. Sometimes, this is quite literally, an immediate shift. This client truly accepted her ability to influence and create her own reality. She embraced just how powerful she truly is and how important her work will be at the center. Your subconscious mind is always listening to you…

That evening, just a few hours after our session had completed, my client emailed to inform me that her management company had called and said they’d found a “workaround” and they no longer required drilling through her suite. In fact, her new office space will not be affected at all.


Because things just work out for her!

She sent specific instructions to her subconscious mind and joined the powerful stream of abundant flowing positive resources (and solutions) to her and others. Her subconscious mind then went about doing its perfect work of attracting the perfect set of circumstances to deliver the perfect outcome. We do this unconsciously all day long, we just tend to do it from old negative programming that results in situations and circumstances we don’t want to experience.

When you understand the mechanics, collapse the old programming and replace it with new positive dominant programming, your life changes right in front of your eyes. It’s not coincidence, or a magic trick, it’s science backed.

And I want you to understand and truly believe that you can too!

I recently did a video segment for a monthly internet television show I am a regular presenter on, where I explain, in detail how we are unconsciously living in our past over and over. Current neuroscience research states that 90% of the thoughts we think every day are the same thoughts we thought yesterday and the day before that, and that 95% of who we are by the time we’re in our 30’s is a set of memorized behaviors!

My work is to help you learn to consciously break those exhausting loops and live the life you want to be living! It’s easier than you think.

If you haven’t seen the video segment yet, I highly recommend you do.

We Are What We Believe.

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Never forget that you matter and all the choices you make while here matter to the rest of the world. You are worthy, capable and important and things can just work out for you too!

Heart to heart,


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