Between 1949 – 1969 household televisions rose from less than 1 million to more than 44 million. Today, that number is 1.7 Billion!

Current studies show that the global average of television hours watched per person is 141 hours per month. That’s 1,692 hours per year.

The global average screen time usage per person is 210 hours per month. That’s 2,520 hours per year.

Television marketing increased to over 66-Billion dollars in 2021.

Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fact or fantasy. That means that it believes that everything you are watching is ACTUALLY HAPPENING TO YOU.

This creates a constant stress on your nervous system.

Your subconscious mind is wired to keep you safe and move you towards pleasure and away from pain.

Whatever you say “yes” to as you watch or scroll, it remembers and creates an imprint in your mind that alters your emotions, beliefs and behaviors. This also occurs whenever you experience heightened emotion.

Are you starting to understand why it’s called programming?

Haven’t you noticed that even though there are millions of good people doing good work in the world, it’s not reported or represented to an equal degree that all the negative information is?

There is a global battle going on for your mind and becoming the authority of you. This can create an environment of manipulation, control and coercion.

Having a daily hypnotherapy practice trains your subconscious mind to release old and harmful programming and embrace new and positive beliefs, that then drive your emotions, behaviors and positive results.

You’d be wise to consider what you’re unconsciously saying yes to and how it either sabotages or serves you.


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