Last month I spoke of a collective grief many are feeling since the pandemic. An inner knowing that life is simply not returning back to the “normal” that existed before the pandemic hit. It’s unfortunately been turned into a political debate about supply and demand, inflation, economic recession but those are the symptoms, not the cause.

There is a palpable grief in so many of the wonderful clients I am privileged to work with that comes from a much deeper place, a place of knowing. My intention in writing this article is to elicit a feeling of hope, expansion and even curiosity because there are some great changes underway, when you can see and understand them.

You see, we’ve built a global society based on consumerism and consumption and we’ve all been trained away from developing a deep and trusting relationship with our own inner knowing. The question is why? The answer in my opinion is because if we don’t ever develop or trust our own abilities to thrive, then someone else is always the authority of us. That is very powerful. Countries are built on this knowledge.

But those tides are shifting now and with progress comes great change.

If your body is unwell, the story you tell yourself about why it is unwell and what you’ve endured must change. There are practical changes like diet and exercise and then there are deep inner shifts of healing the past and realigning with the truth of who you really. These create the foundational understanding of what you came here to master at a higher level. If you didn’t see my last video  Illness Equals Communication I highly recommend that you watch it, as I break this down into really digestible sized pieces and walk you through one client’s journey.

You can fill in any condition or desire and apply the same process. More money, launching a business, better relationships, a new relationship, peace with your past, and so on. Change is required for that inner realignment because you’ve been trained into not being your own authority and when you are not your own authority, you’ve lost your connection to the beliefs that YOU create the outcome of your life, not anyone else.

Collectively we are also undergoing this change and that was initiated by the pandemic. It’s been its primary gift to humanity as it has changed the landscape forever.

We are not separate beings. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson famously said “We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”

Quantum entanglement is a bizarre, counterintuitive phenomenon that explains how two subatomic particles can be intimately linked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space. Despite their vast separation, a change induced in one will affect the other. (Just ask any mother about her children radar!)

This is what you and I are truly made of, that which makes up billions and billions of stars and the multiverse, all connected and influencing the whole human trajectory. Tiny little string particles and waves that are interconnected across time and space.

This is how and why we collectively feel each other.

The devastating earthquake a week ago in Turkey and Syria took over 36,000 lives and that number will continue to rise by possibly tens of thousands. It’s very difficult to comprehend this kind of event and we all feel the grief, the loss, the pain and the fear that comes with it.

These events tend to bring out the best in humanity and therefore the potential for global change. Most world governments have sent millions in aid, support and supplies. It’s really important to note that no soul transitions without their express agreement, which is unconscious and at the soul level. When it is a massive exit like this, there is a great ripple cast into the quantum trajectory of the whole of humanity on earth.

It also reveals corruption in the broken systems built upon the consumerism and consumption I mentioned earlier. Broken systems require great change, first they are exposed and then they breakdown and over time they rebuild. It has been reported that President Erdogan in the past has given “construction amnesty” to builders not building up to code in attempt to build more and faster. This is deeply irresponsible since Turkey lays over four major fault lines prone to earthquakes. Syria has very limited access since the Russian Federation officially entered the Syrian Civil War and has currently only received 14 supply trucks.  Many calls have been put forth from the United Nations for “all parties to do the right thing.”

Tens of thousands of souls transitioning are not without great acts of service to the collective.

For every human truth there is also a deeper universal truth and for tens of thousands of years mankind has worked tirelessly to remove those truths from public knowledge. Our ancestors had an integral relationship with nature and the earth yet generation after generation has been trained away from that sustainable relationship.

But the world is changing…

Recently I studied the results from the Randstad survey taken from 35,000 people in 15 countries.

The pandemic has led people to reassess the meaning of work in their lives and their subsequent happiness.

These are the top 5 ranked concerns

  • Job security – 37% of workers are scared of losing their jobs
  • Work – Life Balance. Despite economic fears, workers won’t sacrifice their mental health for a job now. 61% of those surveyed said they would leave a job if it interfered with their work life balance.
  • Values- 77% said a company’s stance on diversity, transparency and sustainability is important. Half of Gen Z workers said they would refuse to work for a company who wasn’t proactive on sustainability.
  • Pandemic remote working has changed the job landscape going forward. 71% said a flexible location is important and 40% said they wouldn’t take a job if it didn’t offer remote working.
  • Purpose, meaning and belonging. A desire to belong is now the driving decider. 54% said they would leave a job if they felt they didn’t belong within the company.

This was not even a possibility just 5 short years ago. The pandemic has continued to reveal the major imbalances. People are becoming their own authorities and prioritizing their mental health and work – life balance.

Progress comes with great change, to be sure. How you navigate your own life, by truly understanding where you are right now and what story you tell yourself about it, begins to illuminate the path. As each of us learn to become congruent within, with personal and professional balance, human and higher awareness, we become supportive of a conscious, sustainable world and this has a massive impact on the trajectory of the whole.

Are you beginning to understand how truly important you are?

This is why I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Talk therapy is very valuable, but in my opinion, it is not a complete model for healing because its focus is in conscious awareness alone. Dr. Jerry Epstein, once New York’s most prominent psychiatrist with over 45 years of clinical practice, saw that his patients were not fully healing. He took leave and studied guided imagery for three years in Israel under the tutelage of the great 20th century spiritual master and healer, Colette Aboulker-Muscat who was achieving profound results.

Imagery is one of the two primary languages of the subconscious mind and it does not know the difference between fact and fantasy. All change requires the deep inner restoration and realignment of our subconscious mind which reprograms the conscious mind and makes you your own wise authority of you.

As these great acts of service continue on the planet and as we each begin to heal ourselves, through becoming our own wise authorities, we expand into global conscious leadership.

Progress is already underway and it’s coming with great change.

What if through quantum entanglement we are all simply assisting one another back to the truth of who we are, where we come from and what we are really capable of?

Walking alongside you,


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