It isn’t until it is….

You haven’t until you have….

You can’t see it until you can…

But you can feel it right now and feeling is the key.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know whether you are feeling fact or fantasy. Its job is to carry out whatever is impressed upon it.

Out of 16 hours that you’re awake each day, how much time do you spend feeling your dreams, your desires, your “wish list?”

And how often do you tell yourself all the reasons why you can’t have them?

The experiences you want can’t land until you can hold them, energetically.

We have to energetically align with who we want to become.

It’s so much less about getting the things and so much more about who we are and how we learn to expand our ability to hold what it is that we want. When you integrate that wisdom, you can have everything.

My life has changed in so many incredible ways. The more I felt and held in my body what I wanted, the more I noticed how they came to me.

Often in the most magical ways….

My business doubled. My waitlist doubled. My 1:1 work evolved into high level executive work. I work with self-led women from all over the world and that is something I never take for granted, not for a single second.

I feel so incredibly privileged to do what I get to do. Every. Single. Day.

People heal. They breakthrough. I see clients smile and laugh when they haven’t for months. X-rays come back clear. Relationships transform. Businesses expand. Magic happens…

After teaching the second Module of my master course Magnetic last weekend, an image popped right into my mind. When it’s from the subconscious mind it feels like it just drops in “from out of nowhere.” I saw a blue Volkswagen Beetle and I instantly remembered how much I always wanted  a VW Bug.

After 14 years, my Jeep said enough and for the last few months I’ve not been driving my own car. I thought I’d wait until after the summer, when inflation and pricing would come down. I was thinking about another Jeep.

Last week in Module II I was teaching how to shift from here to what you want and back again and understand the energetics of how that works. It seems like every time I work the modules, magic happens.

I followed my feeling and the imagery from my subconscious mind. I immediately saw a gorgeous black beetle convertible available for sale. I also learned that Volkswagen discontinued them, so if I wanted a bug, this was probably the best (and last) time to go for it.

There were others, but I felt the resonance with this one as soon as I laid eyes on it. It wasn’t blue, sometimes it’s not exact, the color could be different, it’s more important not to chase after an exact and instead feel into what’s in front of you. Everything in me said “we have to go see this car!”

We drove out to the dealership on Sunday and after driving it around, I bought myself a new car! 24 hrs after I received the download. I drove it home three days later. I’m still looking at this new and gorgeous Lady (Bug)  in our garage and wondering what just happened?

She is so beautiful! She’s got the full upgraded package, heated seats, dual control heating and A/C (that means your side can be a different temperature than my side. Can you imagine? I didn’t know this existed…) a Fender sound system and turbo engine. I wake up in the morning, go downstairs and open the garage door and just stare at her and say “hello, how did you happen?”

Collapsing time and leaping into your future is delicious.

Trust your future. There are plans for you. You have everything you will ever need inside of you. Your subconscious mind is your most precious ally and becoming the energetic match to your desires is your natural ability.

There is a driver’s manual to manifestation.

My mother told me when I was a teenager that every woman should own a convertible once in her life, just to say she did. (That sure went in as programming.)

Well I’ll be darned…I didn’t see that one coming, but it’s better than I ever imagined!

I’m quite certain she’ll be over my shoulder enjoying some fun rides with me this summer.

We’re here to live the most beautiful lives we can create…and your subconscious mind stores every memory and knows every single thing you want.

Our job is to let go of our negative beliefs and line up with them.

Happy Manifesting,


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