I have a funny story to tell. As I’ve been writing the content for my upcoming live event Magnetic, more “unusual” things are happening as I connect with the energetics of the information coming in.

While I was writing one of the modules this week, all of a sudden, I had thoughts about ingredients for a cookie recipe.

Now, I have been trying to create a cookie recipe for a year because I have a very sensitive system that thrives on healthy, anti-inflammatory foods. I had been trying to make a great tasting cookie without using nut flours, grains, tuber root flours or starches. No easy feat! Or at least that’s what I believed because so many trials were simply, terrible.

More cookies wound up in the bin than in the jar.

So, there I was, writing the content to one of the modules and the more I wrote the further it expanded, the larger the energetic container became, and when that happens when I’m writing content, it’s an extraordinary experience for me.

I enter the energetic world of the content. It swirls around me like mental wisps and each thread I pick up expands into another lane of information and it becomes quite incredible.

I become the energy match to the information I am writing, of course I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to access it in the first place.

All of a sudden, I start having thoughts about cookie ingredients!

Wait, what?

So, I allow my mind to investigate that thread and I write down what I’m getting. I go downstairs to the kitchen and I start putting all the ingredients into my mixing bowl and I can see it as clear as day. This makes total sense! Add coconut flakes to sunflower seed flour, add flax eggs, add melted coconut oil and these will all bind together. Then add baking powder and salt, cinnamon (and lots of it because I love cinnamon in cookies) and add raisins and chocolate chips or carob chips and even walnut pieces would be delicious. This is going to work!

All of a sudden making cookies in my kitchen is so exciting and fresh and I just know that I am being guided the whole time. I place them on the baking sheet and pop them in the oven. I  intuitively set the timer to 14 minutes and voila, out come the most perfect crispy on the edges and soft and gooey in the middle, anti-inflammatory cookies without any starches, grains or nut flours.

Something I didn’t think I’d ever solve just comes right in…

So, is a cookie recipe any different than more money, better health, a relationship, or any other desire? No. It’s absolutely not.

It’s what we allow ourselves to experience. It’s about our beliefs more than anything else.

It’s choosing to allow ourselves to receive the experience, first in the mind, then in the physical.

The Universe already knows what we want.

Your subconscious mind already knows what you want and it also knows what you believe about it.

While I was in flow state writing content, I was no longer disbelieving that a magnificent cookie existed specifically for me! LOL. And it just flowed right into my consciousness and then my experience.

As I was writing content for another module, one of the most exciting and kind of mysterious in nature – Quantum Leaping – I received a call from my accountant saying she wasn’t quite sure how it happened (because we’re always really accurate with my taxes) but I was getting a bit of an unexplained and good-sized refund this year. Oh, I know how it happened…

That’s just another thread that I was a match to.

Then I received a phone call from the assistant of a very high-level tech executive wanting to send me a $5,000 retainer for her employer to work privately with me 1:1.

Hold on, wait, what?

I didn’t even ask how she knew my name…I just nodded my head in agreement. Yes, yes, let’s set up a direct call, I am absolutely available for 1:1 private work with you. Another energy strand I became a match to from my desire to help people, particularly women in leadership positions.

It becomes much less about the doing and much, much more about the becoming.

Imagine yourself walking around in an invisible world of energy threads of all the things you want but you can’t see them.

Now imagine letting go of any beliefs you have that tell you why you can’t have them or logically why it can’t work. In fact, imagine letting go of all logic completely for a second…

Which energy strands might you become an energetic match to?

There’s so much here to dive into and I can’t wait to lead this magnetic container!!


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