This weekend we celebrate the holiday known as Mother’s Day and while there is certainly so much to celebrate, there’s more…

Holidays are sometimes delicate to travel because not everyone has the same experience of being “mothered.” Some clients I work with have had terrible mothers who were quite cruel and others lost their mums when they were little. What we all have in common is the archetype of a mother the world portrays to us that isn’t all there is.

Kind and loving mothers are extraordinary creatures, who ceaselessly give and they deserve honor and appreciation every day. So please celebrate your great mums! They are also a bit of a unicorn.

Consider this…

Every woman has a mother energy inside of her if she chooses to express it.

Whether she has babies or cares for others’ babies. This includes being a loving Auntie, looking after a neighbor, being a supportive and kind friend, raising fur babies or feeding the babies of the wild. The archetype of “The Nurturer” lives inside every woman and more importantly, the Nurturer Archetype is not the goal for women, it’s merely the middle of the road where she continues to evolve into the Wise Woman Archetype.

It can be a tricky road to navigate when society has conditioned women for centuries to only be the nurturer of others. What about herself? Does she ever come first? Is she selfish if she does?

Do all women feel that it’s ok to pursue their personal goals and dreams and nurture others? Do they feel nurtured and supported if they do?

My mother was a very caring and nurturing woman but her generation was taught that her husband had the job and paid the bills and controlled the money and her job was to raise the kids, grocery shop, cook the meals and clean the house. She had to fight later in life for her own independence and her own money so as not to feel controlled every day of her life. It feels like servitude riddled with guilt for feeling that way because every mother loves her babies, but it’s also so important that she love and prioritize herself and feel that she’s fulfilling her purpose!

You see, society as it still runs today, is very much masculine energetics and women have had little to no tutelage on how to navigate their own inner desires. Some mirror what’s been modeled and express high masculine, goal driven energy. Others dedicate all of their energies to nurturing others through feminine energetics. Both are perfectly fine, as long as the answer to “Are you happy and are you living all that you dreamed for yourself?”  is a resounding yes! Typically, in my line of work,  most clients require a balance of both. They don’t want to behave like “a woman expressing like a man in a man’s world” as that can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Neither do they want to feel like it’s their job to nurture everyone and never get to their own desires. That can lead to feeling guilty for wanting more and eventual depression for the lack of movement over time.

It’s important when we celebrate Mothers that we don’t just focus on what they do for us, what they give and how they nurture. Yes, it’s heartfelt appreciation and love, so buy her gorgeous flowers, extravagant bouquets, and take her to brunch, tell her how much she means to you, but be mindful that it’s also validation that can compound the societal expectation that she’s only here to serve others and that can deepen the feeling that her desires don’t matter. She’ll never admit it publicly, because it feels like guilt and shame.

So, on this holiday, as you celebrate the magnificence of women in all shapes and sizes, in all roles and energies, in all forms and expressions, be sure to also ask your mother or the women who have nurtured you how you can be a supportive role for them in pursuing more of what they want in their lives and revisit it. And if you are in the position of always having to “mother your mother” be mindful of your boundaries and over giving.

As a mother or a nurturer, ask yourself am I being true to myself while I nurture others? Are there ways I can be more loving to myself?

Studies show that 44% of women go back to school later in life to pursue a personal dream.

Society has taught us that the ultimate goal for women is to forever be nurturers of others, but it isn’t.

The ultimate goal for women is not to feel guilty for wanting what they desire and actualizing it while still feeling like she’s being a good role model and a good nurturer in whatever form feels right for her.

The ultimate goal for women is not to measure herself against what others expect of her and what society says she should be. 

When she claims that within herself, the Wise Woman begins to actualize. There is a difference in being The Innocent, The Nurturer and The Wise Woman.

There is so much more to unpack here and I’ve dedicated an entire Module in my upcoming program Magnetic to The Archetypes.

We are all becoming who we want to be in this life. We speak ourselves into being.

So, celebrate and speak well. Your subconscious mind is always listening.

Women in all that they are, all that they do and all they desire are simply magnificent.

So let us create space for women to feel and be wise and powerful and nurturing. To give themselves permission to live their dreams and nurture others in a balanced and healthy way. To lift the patriarchal blanket off and see that the world needs feminine and masculine energetics in each individual not each gender. 

I celebrate you in who you currently are and all that you are becoming. Who you are and what you want for yourself is needed in the world.


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