Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely break between the bustle of the end of 2021, Christmas, and cresting into the “new year.” I know, it doesn’t feel much like a new year does it? Well, not if yours was anything like mine.

For me, personally, we decided to cancel our annual trip into New York City, due to the rapid increase of covid infections. It felt quite sad to cancel our Moulin Rouge Broadway tickets, but it also felt responsible, and with that responsibility came peace of mind. We will rebook our trip when it feels safer to do so.

We went to one gathering, responsibly. Everyone in attendance (immediate family) was vaccinated and boosted and we all rapid tested the morning of.  Still, Greg fell ill within 48 hrs and isolated for six days. After two negative rapid tests and a negative pcr test, we assume now that it was just a bad flu.

Strangely, that almost felt disappointing. (As in, well, we now know that we still haven’t been exposed.)

So, I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, alone, contemplative, making homemade soup, running up and down the stairs delivering meals and doing dishes, wiping down surfaces and wiping them down again, all while diving deep into my self-hypnosis practice, to ensure that I did not get sick. You know what? It works, every time! I began feeling symptomatic 48 hrs after Greg, but with my ability to write custom therapeutic suggestions specifically to and for my immune system and body response, it never progressed beyond feeling fatigue and congested sinuses. After a week of consistent and targeted self-hypnosis, I never fell ill.

My sister back home in Canada texted me to say that my nephew, newly arrived home for Christmas holiday fell ill with fever and chills and tested positive for Covid. It wasn’t long after that her husband too fell ill and she began feeling symptomatic. I asked if she was willing to commit to using Hypnotherapy as a resolution. Her response came vigoursly in seconds, “abso-**##ing-lutely!” I sent her my Cooling Inflammation audio and wrote her this custom therapeutic suggestion to use multiple times a day in addition to the recording. “My powerful immune system effectively and efficiently neutralizes all covid viral cells, while my body remains vibrant, healthy, calm and centered.  My immune defense army surrounds any and all infected cells, destroying them completely, then my lymphatic system flushes them out of my system with ease.” She never progressed beyond fatigue and some congestion. (You might want to keep that recording and suggestion tucked away somewhere.)

If there’s one focus for this year, from a personal perception, it is to slow down, breathe, take time to center yourself, and deliver the hypnotic medicine.

I believe much more is to come this year in terms of viral mutations, health challenges, earth challenges and economic impacts. This is why it didn’t feel much different to me crossing into 2022 during a heightened state of pandemic. However, the changed state won’t come from perceiving the outer world, it will only come from adjusting our inner world, our subconscious programming, and therefore, perceiving the outer world from a vaster superconscious mind connection.

To access the superconscious mind, we need to be fully relaxed, our bodies comfortably shifted into parasympathetic drive and our subconscious mind engaged. This is the science-backed explanation of what it means when I say “the focus for this year is to slow down, (shift into parasympathetic drive) breathe (deepen and drop brain waves down into theta and even delta) and deliver the hypnotic medicine” (engage with the subconscious and superconscious minds.)

These are time-tested strategies to keep your body healthy, the blood flowing to your higher thinking mind and engage with the divine problem solving intelligence within you,  so that you can actually perceive and receive its guidance. It is working with your subconscious mind, consciously. Never forget that your subconscious mind guides your Autonomic Nervous System, and your body is governed by your ANS.

This is what it is to become a more conscious human, that can follow their own guidance, make important choices in little time, be of assistance to the direction the world is going in, and help ease the suffering of others.

No one is here just taking up space. But until you come to terms with your own programming that has you perceiving the world from a place of judgment, lack, resistance or fear (resistance actually is fear by the way,) you cannot alleviate your own suffering or help others lessen theirs.

I’ve said it before, this pandemic has deep purpose, as the virus and its mutations continue to show us how the earth and nature do not require humanity to thrive, and we saw many examples of this during the first global lockdown, with dolphins swimming into newly clear waters in Venice, Italy, to the pollution levels in China reducing by 80%, and many, many more. It is we, the human collective that is in a process of learning how to come together, as a team, globally.

If we all do our parts to care for the earth in the community we live in, and begin to care for each other, no matter the color of our skin or political association, we begin to understand that all suffering, if understood, leads to unity consciousness.

We are all part of one another.

The other day while out driving, a young girl was crossing the road. She was not at a crosswalk, just a bend in the road where a convenience shop was on the other side. We slowed down to allow her to safely cross our half of the street. The car driving in the other direction quickly accelerated and swerved around her. This is why we have a pandemic. If we continue to believe that the safety of a child of our community isn’t our responsibility, and that our time and needs are more important than another’s, we have yet to learn what the pandemic is so effectively teaching us.

So, remember to take time every day to slow down, breathe, and deliver the hypnotic medicine for yourself.

If I can ever be of assistance to you, with private sessions and custom healing work, please reach out to me via my contact page on the website here.

Never forget that you matter and all the choices you make while here matter to the rest of the world. You are worthy, capable and important!

With deep appreciation,


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