You can have anything you want.

Whatever you want but don’t have in your life right now,
is because your mind believes you don’t want it.
I promise you, it’s true. Somewhere in your childhood
you had an experience that your mind is still convinced of.
Maybe you heard your parents complaining about paying bills.
Maybe you didn’t get a perfect report card. Maybe you had an
embarrassing experience at school. Maybe you remember telling
a story in front of your class and your face turned bright red, so you
vowed to never do that again and as a result, you never show up
in your life the way you want to.⁣

Maybe you remember being told that your grades weren’t good enough and so your mind still believes that you’re not good enough and you’re not smart enough to live the life you want. ⁣Whatever it is I promise you, if you don’t have it, your mind believes you don’t want it.⁣ The secret is in understanding and creating new beliefs that are so real, your mind shifts and accepts them. ⁣Your subconscious mind takes everything you tell yourself as an instruction. And whatever it is that you want, more money, a loving relationship, a new career, your own thriving business, if you want it, YOU CAN HAVE IT.⁣

But you have to make your mind want it!⁣ When your subconscious mind truly understands that this is what you choose, it simply goes out and creates all the necessary pieces for it to manifest. It’s not magic but it sure looks that way to people around you.⁣ You can have whatever you choose and my powerful self-hypnosis audio will instruct your mind to accept it.

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Some things to know about hypnosis:
It’s completely safe and you never lose control.
(The movies and comedy club routines you see are
completely false!)

You do not go unconscious. You feel deeply relaxed and peaceful and your brain waves shift from Beta down to Alpha, opening access to your subconscious mind. The more you listen, the more your subconscious mind accepts these new positive truths and sets out to create them for you! It’s literally how we are wired to create our lives. Simply, no one taught us this.

You can have whatever you choose. You are worth it and the world needs you feeling your best, doing your best and helping others do it too.⁣